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Preashea Hilliard | We Want You (by anintercessor)

Jun 6

07 What Is This
Mary Mary

What is this that took my life and made it beautiful?
What is this that holds me close and never lets me go?
What is this that tells me better days are yet to come?
It’s your love that gives new mercy every morning
Wht is that that gives me peace in every circumstance?
What is this that broke the chains that made me free at last?
All this joy i have there’s nowhere i can hide it
It’s your loving, i must tell the world about it

Your love has captured me
In ways i can’t describe/with mere words
I need so desperately
To be closer to you every minute of my life

What is this that wipes my tears when life is hard to bear?
What is this that takes my hands and leads me everywhere?
Never leaves me nor forsakes me that’s your promise
It’s your love and there is nothing else just like it
What is that makes me want to live each day for you?
Even though i can’t repay the way you brought me through
What is this that makes me want to keep you smiling?
It’s your love, your sweet love that changed my life - yeah

Take my heart and make me over
Lord, because i love you
You’re my soul, my life my source of everything
The very reason why i live each day in love
I live each day in love with you forever

Jun 6

Christianity by Ms. Chloe Bonner


Christianity isn’t a list of do’s & don’ts - that’s legalism. It isn’t doing what you want & saying God still loves me - that’s hypocrisy. Christianity is repenting (turning away from sin), confessing that Jesus is Lord (surrender), & clinging to Jesus (faith). It’s not a religion for the strong; it’s a refuge for the weak. Salvation frees us to say Jesus did for us what we could never do for ourselves. That’s Grace.


6:00 am - “zzzzzzzz”

6:36 am - “it is too freakin early. ugh!

7:14 am - “let’s go!”

7:32 am - “bye momma”

7:47 am - “all these freakin lights. imma be late.”

8:03 am - “Dang im late, & im ashy. SMH”

8:05 am - “(sub) alright class your prof isnt here so just sign in and you can go”

              ”(me) -__-  all that running for nothing.”

So it begins…

The Son of God became a man to enable men to become sons of God.

- C.S. Lewis

Forever JONES

Angels singing Majestic are you lord/ Streams of glory flowing from your throne/ Always and forever you reign/ Holy Holy Holy

please watch

You are the Only One
Kirk Franklin

Aug 6

It Could've Been Me
Kirk Franklin with J Moss & Tye Tribbett

it could’ve been you… so be thankful

Aug 6

A loser seldom lives in the present, but instead destroys the present by focusing on past memories or future expectations.

- Muriel James